Helping defend your skin against stress and environmental ageing.

We do this with Professional clinic range products for women; fast, effective and powerful skin solutions for men; and through information based seminars and books on how to de-stress and age less. Look younger, feel younger and stay younger at every age!

The GL SKINFIT INSTITUTE® was created by best selling author and global beauty advisor to supermodels, Gregory Landsman, as an embodiment of his philosophy that with the right approach anyone can counteract stress and the impact it has on skin.

The GL SKINFIT INSTITUTE® works on the basis that there are four essential things that can be done to deal with the impacts of stress on the skin and support the maintainence of skin strength, vitality and youthful glow:

1. Remove the impacts of stress from the skin on a very regular basis
2. Deeply hydrate the skin
3. Feed skin the right skin-building vitamins and minerals, inside and out
4. Breathing and calming the mind

Each of these steps is about DE-STRESSING the the body, mind & restoring the skin to its natural health. For when we de-stress, we naturally age less!

As a best selling author of six books on beauty and skincare and having worked with faces for more than 30 years, Gregory Landsman recognized that there was an indelible link between the way we look and the level of stress that we feel.

As such the GL SKINFIT INSTITUTE® has been created to genuinely support people to deal with stress, inside and out, while reminding them that the true essence of beauty is about celebrating the spirit of our humanity. 

Gregory’s philosophy of B.E.A.U.T.Y. (see below) sits at the core of many of his best selling books and reflects his belief in the equality of beauty.

B               Balance in our lives unfolds from the inside out

E                Enthusiasm lies within the way we think and feel about ourselves

A               Acceptance is the path to making peace with others and ourselves

U               Understanding ourselves gives us the clarity and wisdom to know what we want and more importantly what we don't

T                Trust attunes our heart and mind, so we can nurture spontaneity and adventure in our lives

Y               You have what it takes to create the life and love you know you deserve and to never settle for anything less

Our aim is to support every person to lower their stress levels; changing the quality of their skin, as well as the quality of their lives.