“DE-STRESS & discover how to look younger and remove 5 years from your face!”

GL SKINFIT DE-STRESS SEMINARS focus on de-stressing the impact of stress on the skin.

Instead of talking about ‘anti-aging’ – I prefer to say ‘DE-STRESS, AGE LESS & GET SKINFIT!™’, as this constitutes a holistic approach to skin health that not only helps eliminate wrinkles and remove skin stress, it also helps lower overall stress levels through an approach that includes diet, mindfulness and topical applications of vitamins and minerals.

Through each session Gregory talks about the psychology of inner beauty and reveals secrets and truths about physical beauty that are inspiring, self-empowering and highly practical.

Key to each session is sharing the truth about wrinkles, along with his powerful anti-aging secrets used by models globally.

Immersive in nature, the sessions provide participants with a series of hands-on techniques and insights on how to sustain youth and vitality, enabling them to look younger, feel younger and stay younger!

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