Anti-fade TATTOO Treatment

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GL TATTOO Anti-Fade Treatment has been developed using the best of science to protect your tattoo from fading; enrich the colours and prevent skin damage. It has been  developed specifically to preserve and keep tattoos looking their best.

GL TATTOO Anti-Fade Treatment is an ‘active’ formula designed to maintain the colour, power and definition of a new tattoo; as well as brighten and rejuvenate one that has faded over time. Used consistently it will keep your tattoo and your skin at its very best.

Product & skin benefits

The 100% pure clinically proven skin building ingredients deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost and strengthen skin’s elasticity and bounce-back while smoothing, brightening and improving skin texture and colour of tattoo.


GL TATTOO ANTI-FADE TREATMENT can help rejuvenate and revitalise a tattoo by feeding the skin powerful nutrients and vitamins.

Key ingredients: 

  1. Vitamins E, A, C, D and B 
  2. Calcium 
  3. Zinc 
  4. Iron
  5. Ferulic acid 
  6. Gamma oryzanol 
  7. Oleic acid 
  8. Linoleic acid

GL TATTOO Anti-Fade Treatment works by feeding the skin powerful vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis to strengthen and firm the skin, so that tattoos stay at their best year in and year out.

Apply GL TATTOO Anti-Fade Treatment over entire skin area of tattoo after showering in the morning before applying sunscreen or in the evening.

Note: GL TATTOO Anti-Fade Treatment has not been created as a healing product for use immediately after your tattoo has been done. It can be used daily once your tattoo has completely healed to keep the skin firm and healthy and your tattoo at optimum brightness.