USA Launch 15 February, 2019



A Celebration of Humanity

By Gregory Landsman


Faith Lifting Prayers is a joyous celebration of our humanity and the beauty our individual differences bring to the world. More than 20 years after writing the internationally acclaimed book, The Balance Of Beauty Explodes The Body Myth, Gregory brings us the follow up book, Faith Lifting Prayers, a compilation of the author’s own stories and prayers written along his journey to find peace, fulfilment and a happy life.

Having grown up in South Africa under the Apartheid system, Gregory’s early years were marked by daily beatings, bullying and rejection.

Sharing anecdotes that take us across the globe from South Africa to India, and from Switzerland to Australia, Gregory recounts incidents of humour and sadness that deliver a heartfelt reminder about the power of faith and the endurance of the human spirit.

Faith Lifting Prayers is a thought provoking and uplifting read to nourish the heart, lighten the spirit and inspire us to live our best lives.


FAITH LIFTING PRAYERS book by Gregory Landsman

“This book is a beautiful read. I laughed and cried as I read Gregory’s stories, but most of all I treasured the prayers. The contemplation of just one a day can bring peace and joy to your life as it did mine.”

Yvette Grady, Four-time Emmy Award winning producer FOX, USA

“These prayers reflect back to us the beauty that shines within all of us, as we are all made in God’s image.”

Judith Durham, AO, Singer

"Faith Lifting Prayers is an inspiring book that reminds all of us to appreciate the simple things in life, as our lives evolve and change."

Isabella Cowan, Supermodel & Vogue icon

"Self belief is what shapes our lives. This book (Faith Lifting Prayers) looks at how belief in ourselves and appreciation for our inner and outer beauty can make a real and tangible difference to our self esteem and level of daily happiness and personal productivity.”

Marcia Griffin, Author of Finding New Meaning in Life and Business Woman of the Year. 

"I read Faith Lifting Prayers from cover to cover and felt a freedom that said I didn’t need to judge myself and my mistakes.  I was uplifted to a better feeling within myself."

"Every day I read it, Faith Lifting Prayers gives me an incredible feeling of peace."

Peter McNamara, Tennis Champion



Each prayer in the book is part of a larger road map of how I taught myself to look at all aspects of who I am and see the flowers instead of the weeds. It was through this process that I reclaimed my self esteem; started appreciating my differences; and found my place in the world. I believe we are all deserving of this.”

I called this book Faith Lifting Prayers, A Celebration of Humanity, because from my personal experience, when we combine faith with acceptance of our differences, the beauty of what makes us special and individual ignites naturally.”