A LIFETIME OF BEAUTY by Gregory Landsman

A Lifetime of Beauty builds self-belief in children. It is a story that helps children to feel stronger, more confident and free to be their best selves.

Endorsed by child psychiatrists and education professionals across the globe, the story supports parents with messages that reinforce their children’s self esteem. It delivers a deep understanding that their true value lies in the heart of their character, and that their outside appearance is the smallest part of what makes them treasured and loved. 

A Lifetime of Beauty is an unforgettable tale of one girl’s journey to discover the truth of beauty in a world where everyone is judged by the way they look and the clothes they wear.

A Lifetime of Beauty is heart-warming, funny and a joy to share with the whole family; but at its core it holds the potential to change the way every child sees themselves and the world.


Dr Candy Aubry, child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and ADHD specialist, Geneva

“We are all looking for true acceptance of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. The challenge for many is that since childhood, we are constantly being told or asked to change to fit in. The search is well worth it and essential to finding inner peace and true acceptance of ourselves and others. Gregory Landsman’s transformational philosophy that underpins this book, helps guide us in this quest.”

Professor Sofija Popovic, Child speech and language therapist, Belgrade

“Having specialized in treating children for more than 30 years, it is my pleasure to recommend the book, A Lifetime of Beauty, to every parent, colleague and education professional who works with children. We can freely consider this book as essential reading for those who support and care for this impressionable age group.”

“Within this educative story, the author sends a clear message that the qualities of self esteem; self-confidence; a positive image of themselves and others; and the development of inner strength – all of the foundational elements through which we become strong, independent and capable for life - must be the focus of every child’s learning process for parents and educators.”

Mr. David Stevens, School Principal, Australia

“We have seen the importance of working with our students on their self-image and encourage others to take the Gregory Landsman approach on board.”