Working with people I see so many stress triggers in their lives that create emotional and physical wear and tear. 

So whether the source of the stress is the endless challenges of trying to balance work and family; re-evaluating purpose once children have grown; or just no 'down time' to smell the roses, it is important that we recognize when we are suffering from stress over load.

Here are some thoughts on how to manage the overload…

Regularly check in with yourself to ask whether you nurturing yourself and your need for a bit of balance. Everyone needs a bit of ‘me’ time and some nurturing.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by what is on your plate, ask for help! 

Remember some of the things you loved to do most as child (getting on a swing, playing cards…etc.) and go and do some of them. 

Start a journal to record your thoughts, your feelings and your dreams, as they are often a great road map that helps us to know which road we need to take.

Look closely at your beliefs about who you are and what it means for you to get older. Find role models that will support you to challenge any outdated and limiting beliefs about age and beauty.

Let go of worrying what others think of you and focus on how you think about yourself. (Make sure you are not suffering from the ‘disease to please others’ at the expense of your own happiness!)

Acknowledge everyday that you are part of the miracle of life and at the end of each day spend a couple of minutes being grateful for who you are. (The secret is to have a positive outlook is seeing the beauty in the small things in life, such as the simple act of breathing or the smell of coffee or fresh bread first thing in the morning.)

Slow down, breath deeply and ask yourself regularly are you living the life you know you deserve and if not, find ways to retrieve abandoned dreams and plans.

Practice not judging others, as these are reflective of the harsh judgments we place on ourselves.

When you feel upset give yourself permission to do it openly and honestly.

Everyone feels better after a good cry!

Vitamin D as it is a key player in supporting and increasing our brains serotonin levels - a chemical that helps reduce stress and anxiety and supports us to feel good. So ensure you are getting enough with a capsule, some very gentle early morning sun or eating a diet rich in Vitamin D with foods such as salmon, mackerel and tuna regularly.