Medical peak bodies and academic institutions the world over acknowledge that toxins, lack of sleep and stress contribute meaningfully to premature ageing of the skin and that prevention is supported by ingesting vitamins and minerals that feed the body and the skin.

The Dermatological industry has confirmed that using vitamins directly onto the skin can make a significant difference to maintaining younger looking skin, (more so than merely taking vitamin tablets).

Vitamins are essentially antioxidants that work to neutralize oxidative damage from toxins within the deeper skin layers. This is best achieved trans dermally, through topical application, directly to the impacted skin. So while vitamins work to counter the damage from toxins and stress, skin-building minerals are important for strengthening the connective tissue, essential for healthy collagen and elastin.

Experts agree that if you consume alcohol regularly you need to feed your skin vitamins and minerals.

So to give our skin the best chance of staying strong and healthy, we need to counteract what is depleted by stress and toxins and feed it the vitamins and minerals that can balance the day-to-day stresses that age the skin.

Gregory Landsman

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