Are you ready to feel calmer and look younger?

Tired of living with the impacts of stress and want to feel calmer and look years younger?

Discover how you can de-stress your life with proven, easy to follow techniques that can be practiced anywhere, anytime!

Best selling author and wellness educator Gregory Landsman shares his quick, simple and effective method to STOP STRESS FAST and re-boot your energy, so you can feel relaxed, healthier and calmer, and take years off the face in the process.

The bite sized chapters will reveal:

  • Clear, easy to follow techniques to Stop Stress Fast with easy to use techniques to use whenever stress arises.
  • How to BREAK THE STRESS CYCLE by identifying where stress is causing you to lose energy during the day.
  • The ground breaking GL DE-STRESS & AGE LESS Breathing Technique that everyone can use to Stop Stress Fast (sometimes in less than 2 minutes).
  • The secrets to lowering stress levels everyday with foods to support you to look younger and healthier at the same time.
  • The 5 day GL DE-STRESS & AGE LESS diet.
  • How to counteract the wrinkle causing hormone and look younger and more vital.

Stop Stress Fast is a book for anyone who is serious about reducing stress in their lives and would like to

feel calmer and take years off the face at the same time.