The GL SKINFIT INSTITUTE® with its innovative treatment rooms and skin products has been developed by Gregory Landsman, celebrated advisor to the beauty industry, creator of supermodels; and best selling author on beauty, whose natural approach to looking after skin is both non-invasive and science based.

Expanding his successful invitation only GL SKINFIT Treatment Room concept started in Geneva, Gregory Landsman is bringing his signature ‘face lifting’ treatments to Australia in an exclusive men’s treatment room.

The success of the Geneva based GL SKINFIT Treatment Room was stamped by providing those in the world who could afford anything, with a unique non-invasive treatment that sustained the youth and vitality of their skin in a way that nothing else they had ever tried was able to achieve.


Given the impacts of daily stress on the skin, together with the environmental stresses of modern living* that cause skin to age prematurely, the GL signature Face Fusion Treatment removes the impacts of stress on the skin and deliver the essential nutrients and natural defences required to support the maintenance of stronger, healthier and younger looking men’s skin.

The GL signature FACE FUSION TREATMENT is a non-invasive face-lift that works on the deepest levels to tighten, tone and revive the facial muscles.  Created to contour and sculpt the muscles on the face while diminishing fine lines, this genuinely unique, non-invasive therapy delivers highly effective and long-lasting results.


The science based technique concentrates on the FACE, detoxing the skin, de-stressing the facial muscles and removing years of stress from the skin; as sagging muscles are manipulated, tightened, rejuvenated and pushed back to where they are supposed to be, giving the overall face more definition.

The therapeutic benefits of topically applied plant based actives and mineral spring water collected daily, penetrate deep into the skin cells to jump start the renewal process, restoring elasticity, combating impurities and rejuvenating the skin's ability to regenerate. The result is immediately visible, delivering renewed vitality and a more youthful appearance to the skin.

The treatment is intense and post-treatment side effects can leave the muscles feeling like they have had a good workout. So while the treatment is not for the faint-hearted, there is no downtime – making it the perfect non-surgical solution for men looking for ‘a lift’ ahead of a big event, or to simply support an ongoing youthful looking appearance. 


Set in a tiny town in the heart of a state forest, this stunning natural environment will transport you far away from the day-to-day stress.  

When you enter the large gates you may begin to feel an inner calm as you become shrouded by the 80-year-old English garden bathed in seasonal colour and rich with wildlife, set in the middle of the Australian bush.  

The quaint and unassuming English cottage and Edna Walling designed garden that is now the GL SKINFIT TREATMENT ROOM was built in 1937 and is cloaked in the local history of a former gold rush town, that has long since been returned to nature.


The treatment room is already booked 6 weeks in advance, so if you are interested in attending in 2019, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email here or call us on: +61 3 86927229

PLEASE NOTE: The GL SKINFIT Treatment Room in Geneva is currently under renovation; however stay tuned for news of the new GL MEN’S SKINFIT TREATMENT ROOM opening in Hancock Park in Los Angeles in 2020.

*UV; pollution; alcohol; sugar; smoking; lack of sleep; chemicals and toxins that are absorbed into the body through food & soap etc. – all of which impact the quality of our skin and create premature ageing.