At the age of 59, having spent 30 years of working with faces and skin in the beauty industry I have had the opportunity to work with some of the world's largest names in fashion and beauty; collaborate with world class chemists to develop ground breaking skin products; provide advice to supermodels on their skin health; and speak with thousands of women and men of all ages on skin and the ongoing challenge to look as good as we can for as long as we can.

As a result I have concluded that there are three essential things that can be done to support the skin to maintain its strength, vitality and youthful glow:

1. Remove the impacts of stress from the skin on a very regular basis

2. Deeply hydrate the skin

3. Feed it the right skin building vitamins and minerals

Each of these steps is about DE-STRESSING the skin and restoring its natural health. When we de-stress our skin, we naturally age less! And when we keep our skin stronger, it naturally lasts longer!

These are the principles and foundation of the face lifting formulas I developed for models to keep their skin fresh and glowing, and now use to develop products to support Professional Practitioners.

 Gregory Landsman: Author